An Ergo full node gets installed by default, which serves as the foundation for other services.

Currently the following services are available on ErgoSphere:

  • Ergo explorer
  • ErgoMixer
  • ErgoDex offchain

This list is to be expanded with more services in the future.


ErgoSphere is written in Java, and therefore can run on any system with a Java environment, however there are some additional dependencies:

  • [Java >= 1.8]
  • Docker
  • Docker-compose (comes with Docker on Windows)
  • SBT


ErgoSphere must be ran with administrative privilages. This is to make sure there won't be permission problems when interacting with Docker or PowerShell.
By default the web interface will be available on the local IP address of the host (e.g:, and all data will be stored in the "data" folder.
NOTE: all other services will be available on this address on their respective ports
Check README for command line parameters.